Steel framed buildings are an ideal solution for a farm environment. They are quick to erect, durable whilst also offering a fantastic amount of roof space. Steel agricultural buildings are also an affordable solution to your building project along with being robust and very secure.

All our agricultural steel buildings are designed and manufactured to the exact specifications of our customers’ requirements.  We specialise in building various agricultural buildings including chicken sheds, pig sheds, sheep Sheds, barn storage, dairy sheds along with custom building projects for particular agricultural businesses.

We like to work closely with our clients to ensure that whilst we are erecting a new building or adjusting an existing building that we do not affect their current operations.  We will provide solutions to ensure that your workflow is not affected while we progress with your project and you will be able to liaise with us 24/7 to ensure the project adheres to our initial timescale and plan.

New Barn Over Old BuildingYou will see the image on the right where we were contracted to build a new steel framed building for a client, however their current business still needed to function whilst this was being developed.  They did not want to hire a new property whilst we did the development as this would be an additional cost to the project. We managed to provide them with a solution of building the new steel building over the existing building, allowing the client to continue with their business and ensure little to no down time with the clients business.

Refurbishment of Existing Steel Buildings

Old steel barns and sheds can often be given a new life by refurbishment of cladding and upgrading of insulation to modern standards. Our services include the safe removal and disposal of old asbestos sheeting, replacement of roof and wall cladding with composite or built-up systems, and, if required, remodelling or extending the framework of steel metal buildings to take account of a change of use.

All our steel buildings and barns are built to the clients’ specific requirements.

barn before

Barn Before Refurbishment

2012-12-18 13 718x348

Barn After Refurbishment